Principal Instructor

Halina Bitdorf (Hala)
Certified I.Y.T.A. Teacher

Hala Bitdorf is a Director of The Yoga Company. She has been teaching yoga for 20 years and holds an International Certificate of IYTA. For Hala every student is unique and special. Her compassion and dedication brings students of every level and age back to her classes.

Her motto of the class is:

“Your practice must be happy.
Your approach to your own body must be wise and with respect.
Then you will start to pick up the fruits of your journey.
Journey which never finishes and last forever.”

Other Instructors

Andrea Wetzl-Tanzi

Andrea began to practice yoga 1995 as a way to manage back problems. She discovered the many benefits it brought to her life through calming her and uniting her mind, body and breath. In 2007 Andrea was certified as an IYTA teacher through an internationally recognised course of study. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga with students as a way of giving back the joy she has received. She draws upon her experience as a music performer to clearly illustrate the poses. She respects the wisdom of the traditional philosophy which bring goodness to life.